Welcome to the Cuban Art Space of the Center for Cuban Studies! Cuban art is still very little known in the United States, especially that made by artists still living and working in Cuba.


The Cuban Art Space project to collect art, photographs and posters from Cuba was born with the Center, but it was not until 1999 that a public gallery space opened as part of the Center.


Its goal is to promote the work of Cuban artists and to educate the U.S. public about Cuba’s cultural life.

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Made in Cuba! - View Gallery

December 17, 2015- February 6, 2016


Made in Cuba!



Cuban Art Space west opens October 17 in Los Angeles - Press Release



AN AUDACIOUS mixed-media group show by some of Cuba’s leading artists
Santa Monica Art Studios


RAUL MARTINEZ: la gran familia by Corina Matamoros - ORDER NOW!

A beautiful coffee-table book about one of Cuba's most important artists!

Corina Matamoros worked on this artistic biography of Raul Martinez for almost ten years, inspired by her early work on a Martinez retrospective at the Museum. Martinez, an early friend of the Center for Cuban Studies- indeed, he designed the Center's first brochure in 1973-died in 1995, and Matamoros' book is the first serious study published on his amazing art.



The Center for Cuban Studies Cuban Art Space in collaboration with the Club de Amigos del Cartel in Havana has published 32 new reproductions of Cuban graphic design.

Among the designers in our collection: Eduardo Marin, Pepe Menendez, Nelson Ponce, Fabian Munoz, Michele Miyares, Carlos Zamora and many others.

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